What do I get with a subscription?

With a subscription you receive 2, 4 or 6 personalised wines each month with accompanying tasting notes, pairing suggestions and facts.

How do you know what wines I like?

With the help of our taste-finder kit we personalise your subscription so you only ever receive the wine styles you like.

Drink & rate the 12 wines that come either as a one-off box or with your first month's subscription delivery.

This builds your taste profile and also tells our wine experts what styles to send you for your regular subscription or one-off orders.

I already know what I like.

The taste-finder is great if you're not sure what wine styles you like, but if you're already clued up you'll probably want to skip it and just start receiving personalised wines from the start.

Click here to sign up for a subscription without the taste finder kit OR you can even buy a personalised mixed case - just make sure you take our 2 min tasting survey before.

Can I skip pause or cancel?

Subscribers are free to skip a month or to cancel whenever they like from their account section. Or just drop us an email and we'll happily do this for you.

You can also change how many wines you get each month if you're getting too much or too little.

When will my wine arrive?

All subscriptions are shipped out at the beginning of each monht (first 10 days).

Depending on when you sign up there might be a slight delay in receiving your first pack.

If you buy a taste-finder and you need it urgently please get in touch before you order so we can let you know whether or not we have them in stock. We bottle up these up ever couple of weeks to keep them fresh, so occasionally there might be a delay in receiving it.

How do I find my Taste Profile?

You can find your taste profile here. At the moment this is read only so if you'd like to update it please drop as a note - although we're working on making this more interactive and will have an update on this soon!

Can I buy more of the wines I like?

Yes you absolutely can. At the moment we're still working on building the online store but in the meantime if you like any of the wines you receive as part of your subscription just drop us a note and we'll be happy to help you order.

Where do you source the wines?

We source our wines from all around the world. We tend to focus more on European wines because of the slightly lower carbon footprint - but we do have non-European wines too.

All the producers we pick share our values of sustainability & quality. We try to stay away from mass produced wine & you're unlikely to find anything we sell in the supermarket.

About 80% of the wines we feature are organic, biodynamic or natural.

How much does each wine cost?

Our average bottle price for the subscription and mixed cases at the moment is £20 so all the wines tend to be worth about £15 - £25 a bottle.

There are good wines available for less than this, but we think £15 is where you usually start to see a jump up in quality.

What are your gift options?

Our best gifting option is a one off Taste-Finder kit with a couple of gift vouchers bolted on for some personalised wines once your recipient has built their taste profile.

You're also welcome to gift a subscription as a product but please note you will need to change your card details if they want to carry on with the subscription once the gift period has ended.

I only like red / white wine.

Not a problem!

When you submit your taste preferences following your tasting you're able to select your preference between reds & whites.

You can also choose whether you like to recieve rosé, orange, sparkling or sweet wines too.

How long does the taste-finder kit last?

The taste-finder kit should last for a month from when you receive it. But you'll still be able to get the gist for a little longer after. Just ensure you do it as quickly as possible to get the wines at their freshest.

What if I don't like a wine?

If you don't like a wine that you receive, please let us know so that we can update your preferences.

If you think we've misinterpreted your preferences and sent you the wrong wine let us know and we'll send you another bottle next month or refund you the difference.