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2, 4 or 6 bottles personalised to your tastes each month...

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2, 4 or 6 bottles personalised to your tastes each month...

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Tired of wasting time & money on average wine? There's a smarter way to drink...

Opening the perfect bottle of wine should be a dream. But finding the right bottle to drink in the first place can be a total nightmare.

Grand Cru, Gran Reserva,bronze medals, special offers… how do you know what's actually good? 

All the complexity means most people play it safe with the same old wines (bit boring if you ask us) or when they take a risk on something new, they often waste money on bottles that aren't right for their tastes (not a great option either).

So don’t be like most people & start drinking smarter with Wine Unpacked. 

Every bottle you open shouldn't just be "fine". It should keep your tastebuds happy from the first to the last drop & that means drinking wines that suit your tastes - because your palate & preferences are unique.

But what are your preferences? 

We'll help you figure it out with our one-of-a-kind tasting pack. The fun, at home wine tasting that comes with your first month's delivery teaches you about your tastes & builds your unique taste profile. Once you've rated the 12 fun-size wine samples - just sit back and wait for your personalised selection of wines every month, all picked specifically for your tastebuds. 

Every bottle we send comes with tasting notes & pairings suggestions so you can learn a bit about your new favourite grapes, styles & regions. There are no minimum terms & you’re free to skip, pause & cancel whenever you need. If your taste preferences change with the seasons - you can update them at any time.

You're finally able to explore the world of wine and find new styles without having to worry about not liking the wines you open.

To get started just do this:

  1. Pick a 2, 4 or 6 bottle subscription and wait for your first box to arrive alongside your welcome wines (a selection of our favourite crowd-pleasers).

  2. Drink & rate the 12 mini wines to build your taste profile.  

  3. Sit back & wait for your personalised wines to show up each month. You can skip, pause or cancel whenever you like. 

All our wines come from small, independent & quality focused producers with an RRP of around £20. Your preferences are fully customisable so you can choose which colours you'd like to receive, whether you'd like rosé, sparkling, orange, natty or sweet wines thrown in from time to time, and even if you'd like us to surprise you every so often with a wild-card that doesn't match your taste profile.

On top of that every month there's a chance you'll win our golden bottle - a rare, old or special wine that will also be tailored to the winner's tastes. 

Make drinking bad wine a thing of the past and sign up to Wine Unpacked to start receiving wines tailored to your tastebuds every month and upgrade the wines you drink from average to extraordinary. 

Remember to check out our FAQs for any of the nitty gritty detail about how it works.