Our founder Tom always loved drinking wine, but could never work out why he liked some bottles and not others. 

Panic set in every time a sommelier passed him the wine list - so after years of picking the second cheapest wine - he finally decided to stop winging it and do a proper wine course. 

Once he’d finished, it felt like he had a special power - he could finally tell the people selling him wine what styles he liked, and in return they were able to offer better recommendations. 

The new knowledge was great but the course was a bit of a drag. It was long, expensive & a little old fashioned. Great for nerds like Tom but not for everyone.

Chatting to friends, it seemed like loads of them were in a similar boat; everyone wanted to know more about what wine they liked, but nobody wanted to pick up a dusty old textbook. 

This sparked the idea that became Wine Unpacked, a way to make choosing what to drink as easy & enjoyable as finishing the bottle. 

Now learning what styles of wine you love takes less than an hour with our Taste-Finder kit. Or if you're really pushed for time you can do it in less than 5 minutes with our profiling quiz.

We love hearing your thoughts so drop us a line to tell us what you think: hello@wine-unpacked.com