The wines that suit your tastebuds best

The wines that suit your tastebuds best

Our tasting kit, quiz & team of experts help you pinpoint which wine styles are right for your palate, then we send you amazing bottles we know you’re going to love! 

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Get started in less than 5 minutes with our quiz to discover your unique taste profile. 

The bottles you love delivered regularly. Matched by our experts to your taste preferences. 

Discover a new selection every month or two. Easily skip, pause or cancel whenever you need.

Unsure what you like or want to dig deeper? Our Taste-Finder kit pinpoints your perfect styles.

Perfect bottles from the first drop to the last

Save your taste buds from disappointing wine…

…and save yourself a trip to the wine shop. Our experts & tech make discovering your perfect bottles easy.

All wines are:

- Personalised to your tastes.
- Sourced from smaller producers who champion quality.
- Delivered with helpful tasting notes & food pairing suggestions.

Take the 5 min quiz and you’ll be drinking better wine in next to no time.

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Make your meals even more memorable

Good food, wine & company are the perfect match.

With the tasting notes & food pairing suggestions that come with every bottle, you’ll always know which wine to open to enhance every occasion.

Ready to take your dinner parties to the next level?

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The smart way to explore wine

Drinking wine is great – but picking a bottle can get confusing.

Deciphering labels or remembering all the grapes, regions & producers can make exploring wine challenging.

We filter out the styles that don’t suit your palate, so discovering new wines is no longer hit & miss.

Ready to find your new favourite bottles?

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Wine for people with taste

Not sure about your preferences?

Or perhaps you know what you like but not how to describe the style?

Our at-home tasting kit helps you quickly pinpoint which styles you love & quickly build a taste profile – no prior wine knowledge required.

12 mini bottles to taste & rate from home. Learn to speak wine the fun way.

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Tracy, London

"I’ve learnt so much already and I’m having so much fun - would definitely recommend."

Jo, London

"A fantastic way to learn about all aspects of wine. A must for all wine enthusiasts!"

Colin, Scotland

"Outstanding, lots of fun and a great service. Will definitely be continuing my subscription!"

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