Less mystery, more mastery

A shortcut to figuring out which wines you like & why. Epic wines in fun-sized bottles with tasting notes & videos to explore the stories behind them.

How does it work?

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Sign up to begin your wine discovery journey. Pick a subscription that suits you, no strings attached. Skip, pause and cancel when you need.

Unpack Your Wine

6 x fun-sized bottles of unique wines sent to your door. Small samples mean you can try more new wines without the worry of waste.

Sit Back, Sip & Learn

Our expert sommeliers will walk you through your wines each month and help you explore different grapes, regions and styles.

Know Your Stuff

In six months try 36 new wines. Be able to describe which wines you like and why with your new found knowledge & vocabulary.

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What's in the Box?

Every month you will receive an exciting delivery containing...

  • 6 x new wines

    Six samples of some of the world’s best wine, broken down by theme, style & region each month.

  • The Tasting

    A pre-recorded video class will guide you through your wines, giving you the freedom to choose when and where you embark on your wine tour. 

  • Tasting Card

    A practical, easy to use tasting card, which will help you track your thoughts, compare your notes and train your nose & palate. 

  • Much more...

    Quizzes, private events, wine recommendations and special offers shared with you throughout the course.

What do our customers think?

"We weren't sure what to expect but it's definitely left us wanting more. We've tasted some great wines, we've learned a lot about winemaking and wine tasting."

"We've just done the first box and I feel like I've learnt more about wine in the past hour than I have in the past 10 years. So useful and really fun too."

"I've always felt unconfident identifying flavours in wine but by the end of the first lesson I had started to pick them out and even guessed some before they said!"

"Wonderful product, gorgeous packaging. Am learning at a decent pace & enjoying myself thoroughly while I do it. Enough wine for 2 - or 1 if I'm feeling selfish!"

"The sommelier explains things clearly with fun stories! I’ve learnt so much already and I’m having so much fun - would definitely recommend."