Wine Club Taste-Finder Trial

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What's this all about?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a wine subscription where you knew you were going to love every bottle you received? Well that's what we're launching over the coming months and we need some people to trial it to make sure all the mechanics work. 

The first step is to tell us what kind of wine you like. But what wine do you like? A lot of people might be able to point to a couple of grapes or regions that they're fans of, but beyond that struggle to describe the exact styles and flavour characteristics of the wines they love. If you've ever felt lost for words when your server in a restaurant asks you what kind of wines you like - you'll know what we're talking about. 

Luckily - we've got a solution in our taste finder tool...

This is a box of 12 fun-sized bottles (6 reds & 6 whites) chosen carefully to help us (and you) understand your tastebuds. All you need to do is work through the 12 mini bottles and give your feedback on each wine. There are no right or wrong answers here - it's all about your taste. We'll provide some notes to guide you through and help you to pick out the different characteristics. 

Once you've given your feedback on these 12 wines - we'll use your preferences to identify your tastes - and then send you more wines every month that match up to your tastes. 

What we need for this trial: 

Ordinarily this would be the start of an ongoing subscription, but for the purposes of the trial it will just be the first part. 

You'll get the taste finder pack of 12 mini bottles - and we need you to work through these over one or two sessions. Once you've given your feedback on those we'll send 3 full-size bottles perfectly chosen to match your tastes. It's like having your own private sommelier! 

At the end we'll need you to give a little more feedback in the form of a 5 / 10 minute questionnaire. 

In exchange for your help, we'll be offering the wines & taste finder pack at a 40% discount, throwing in free shipping, and we'll also send you a breakdown of your taste profile too. (£59.99 is the discounted price.)

When we launch the product you'll be able to sign up and start receiving great bottles straight away but in the meantime you can take your newfound knowledge of your tastebuds to wine shops and restaurants and start getting wine suggestions tailored specifically to you. 

So what do I need to do?

Step 1 - Put this product in your basket and checkout. We'll send your taste-finder pack straight away (the taste finder kit would usually be £40). 

Step 2 - Work through your taste-finder pack and tell us what you think of each of the wines. 

Step 3 - Receive 3 great bottles of wine, tailored to your taste, worth over £20 each. 

Step 4 - Tell us what you think of the experience and the wines you received. 

Can I do it with a partner or friend?

Absolutely - but for the purposes of the trial please limit your feedback to one person's opinions otherwise you might end up with some things you don't like.   

Anything else I need to know?

We need you to complete the taste-finder part within 3 weeks - and to drink and feedback on the three big bottles 3 weeks after that. That's one bottle of wine a week - so hopefully a manageable amount. 

Please bear in mind this is a BETA test so some elements will be a little rough around the edges. Don't worry though - all the wine will be perfect! 

Don’t just take our word for it

join hundreds of other’s on their taste journey.

"It's definitely left us wanting more. We've tasted some great wines, we've learned a lot."

Tracy, London

"I’ve learnt so much already and I’m having so much fun - would definitely recommend."

Jo, London

"A fantastic way to learn about all aspects of wine. A must for all wine enthusiasts!"

Colin, Scotland

"Outstanding, lots of fun and a great service. Will definitely be continuing my subscription!"

Louis, Brighton