Drink smarter with a wine selection personalised to your taste-buds

Our style quiz & Taste-Finder kit help to profile your wine preferences, so your selection comes perfectly matched to your unique tastes.

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How it works...

Thanks to our quiz, tasting kit & expert wine knowledge, the personalised wine experience you get with Wine Unpacked is one-in-a-million. 

Take our 5 minute style quiz to get started & build your unique Taste-Profile. 

Choose 2, 4 or 6 bottles. Tailored to your profile & delivered every month or two. 

Further personalise your selection with our at home tasting kit & feedback system.

Save your taste-buds from disappointing wine

Let our experts & clever tech save you an awkward trip to the wine shop.

All wines come: 

- Personalised to your tastes. 
- From small & independent producers. 
- With tasting notes & food pairing suggestions. 

What are you waiting for? Take the 5 minute quiz and you'll be drinking better wine in no time. 

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What our customers are saying

Max 34

East London

The quiz was so easy & quick. It was great to finally understand which wine styles I should be drinking. It's so fun to receive a different selection each month. 

Tracy 38


We love getting different wines every month. It's fun to explore but know you're not going to end up pouring half the bottle down the sink because you don't like it.

Amy 29


We did the quiz but bought a Taste-Finder kit too because it looked like a fun date-night activity. The mini bottles are so cute (and the wine wasn't bad either!)